Early voting rules? Updated!

August 8, 2012
by carlsnodgrass

Just completed a substantive refresh of our early voting page (we define early voting as any voting done in person before election day).  Woot.

I gotta say, no matter how many times I come across it, I really can’t get over how different each state is.  Not just their laws, but also how (or whether) they choose to present information to the public.  

Take Arizona.  You’d think they’d say somewhere on the Secretary of State’s website  that voters can vote in-person at their county elections offices starting 26 days before the election without needing an excuse.  You’d think.  But you’d be wrong.  You have to dig through mountains of election code to find any mention of in-person early voting procedures (which changed some time in the last year or so — it used to be 33 days before the election).  

South and North Dakota?  Same deal.  They offer in-person early voting.  I know they do.  But from the look of their websites, they sure don’t know they do.

I suppose this is why we exist, but come on guys.  It’s a pretty useful piece of information.  Just.  Mention.  It.

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