Please, sir… Can I vote absentee?

August 13, 2012
by brettbynane

Our absentee voting rules page has been cross-checked and updated. As I finished going through the states, one by one, I uttered a slight sigh of relief when I realized that none of the states had tried to pull anything too crazy over on us, like DISCRETELY and COMPLETELY changing ALL of their rules. (Of course, as always, if/when they do, Long Distance Voter will be on it!) I ended up adding a rule bullet-point to both Louisiana and Virginia.

But that got me to thinking as to what I define as “too crazy”. I mean some states offer no-excuse absentee voting. Want to vote absentee? Great, go for it! And then some states, like Louisiana, Pennsylvania or Virginia, have what seem like a daunting list of rules and stipulations. Reading through some, a lot of them make sense. “You are away on vacation.” “You are 65 or older.” “You are a student away at college.”

These rules reinforce what absentee voting is all about in the first place, no? To ensure that everyone gets the right to vote that they deserve, by adhering to people’s schedules, mobility, locations, etc…? And if that’s the case, why the daunting list of rules and stipulations? Why not just join the no-excuse absentee-voting club?! Just a thought…

What updating this page has taught me: Regardless on how I feel about some of these rules, when it comes to something as personal and important as voting, it is really important to read and understand them.

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