August 15, 2012
by kimberlyeaton

We all know Virgin America is arguably the neatest looking and friendliest airline around.  Its sleek interior design has you feeling like you’ve stepped into an exclusive Berlin nightclub where you know the bouncer, the owner, and the DJ rather than onto a bus with wings.  The newly Banana Republic-clad flight attendants make you look like a schlub by comparison but would never say it to your face.  They are that nice.

Well, VA is continuing to prove they are not your ordinary airline by offering something truly groundbreaking - democracy at 35,000 feet!  Starting this week, in honor of the new route from San Francisco to Washington DC, passengers will be able to REGISTER TO VOTE using the in-air entertainment system, Red, and their own personal smartphone!  Say what?  Being that this is sort of the perfect example of our mission and how simple voter registration can be, we here at Long Distance Voter just got the chills, and it’s not from the recycled cabin air.

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