September 28, 2012
by carlsnodgrass

I feel like all I’m doing these days is slapping my home state on the wrist, but dang if it doesn’t deserve it.

This article from the Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center about the rampant miscommunication between PennDOT and the DOS is pretty discouraging:

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is still falling short in its implementation of a requirement in the state’s strict new Voter ID Law that a photo ID be made available free of charge to voters who need one to cast a ballot. 

Basic signage and information about the law are still not available at every PennDOT licensing center, although coverage has improved considerably since July. 

While PennDOT centers had virtually no information about the DOS ID, there are multiple documents that reiterate strict documentation requirements for a photo ID, which can only serve to confuse less-informed voters.


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