Bad Maryland! Bad! No more changing your forms!

September 28, 2012
by carlsnodgrass

Well, no I feel kinda bad for being so hard on Virginia.  Because, compared to Maryland, VA looks like the patron saint of timely updates to its forms! 

WTH, MD?!  You have a year-specific absentee ballot application.  That means, every year, you *cough* *cough* totally unnecessarily *cough*…ahem, publish a new absentee ballot application. So don’t go changing that already yearly-changed form in the middle of an election!

We’ve had the 2012 general/primary election ballot application on our site ever since it was made available by Maryland.  But today I get an email from the secretary of state’s office telling us that we have an outdated version of the form and should replace it immediately, which I did.  Immediately.  (There is nothing worse than providing an outdated version of a form.)  But, lo, the new version was revised…when?  Oh right.  9/2012.  As in, this month.  What.

Considering there is no “no earlier than” warning on submitting an absentee application, it’s safe to assume that some on-top-of-it voters submitted their applications beforeSeptember of this year…soooo…you gonna process those forms, MD?  You betta!

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