Pennsylvania can’t force you to show ID, but at least they can still be jerks about it.

October 7, 2012
by carlsnodgrass

There’s still some confusion about what’s going on with PA’s new photo ID law.  I want to clear up as much confusion as I can, because I’m worried about what I’m reading on the official Pennsylvania site.  “Voters will be asked, but not required, to show an acceptable photo ID on Election Day.”

Really? That’s all it says.  It does not say that voters will be told that they are being asked unnecessarily and will be informed that they can still vote a normal ballot without showing photo ID.

I just want to be clear, Pennsylvania.  You can still vote, whether or not you provide photo ID.  A pollworker can ask you for ID (for no reason), but they can’t stop you from voting because you don’t provide it.

In other words, Pennsylvania can’t force you to provide photo ID at the polls, but at least they can still be total dicks.

For more, I turn to Stephen Colbert:

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